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This Week's Poll: Is the JCP an Independent Standards Organization?

Posted by editor on November 9, 2010 at 10:34 PM PST

The JCP has pretty much never not been a topic of considerable discussion among Java developers. I mean, even if we don't think about the Java Community Process every day, almost all of us have interest in particular JSRs. And so, throughout its history, a lot has been said and written about the JCP -- and not only at election time.

With the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, the JCP has come into sharp focus once again. That this could happen seems a bit strange, if we think of the JCP as a Java standards organization. Why would a corporate acquisition affect a standards organization?

Yet, in my 30+ years of being in the software engineering field, what I have observed with respect to software standards bodies is that they are indeed highly affected by corporate presences. Which makes sense since the corporations that utilize the technologies have the money and provide the support that grows the technologies in new directions.

At the same time, this can turn supposedly objective standards bodies into political arenas where vendors fight to standardize features that provide their products with an advantage in the marketplace.

Anyway, this week's poll asks you to provide your opinion on the JCP. Specifically, we're asking: Is the JCP an independent standards organization?

Voting will be open until this coming Monday.

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This Week's Poll: Is the JCP

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