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DEVOXX 2010 Wrap-Up; and, Conference Blogging Is Back!

Posted by editor on November 20, 2010 at 5:17 PM PST

Last year, I was Following the Tweets from DEVOXX, and finding that a difficult way to follow a conference you're not attending in person. But there was no choice, since so few people were writing blogs about the conference. It was as though Twitter had taken over the role formerly occupied by blogging in covering conferences. This troubled me immensely! At the time I wrote:

So, today, we publish in real time the notes we previously scribbled into notebooks as we attended conference sessions (at least, that's how I always did it). We publish those notes live, as the events are occuring -- rather than recording a day or half-day of notes, meditating briefly upon them, so as to gather some sense of the overriding import, then posting a blog based on the notes and the subsequent analysis.

But, if this year's DEVOXX is an accurate indicator, blogging at conferences is making a huge comeback. If you've followed the home page this past week, you've seen a selection of great blog posts written from people attending DEVOXX 2010 every day (in the Java Today section). This year, people took the time to really report on what was happening at DEVOXX, took the time to analyze and assess, then took the time to write it all down so the rest of us, who couldn't attend DEVOXX, could get a real feel for the significant events that were happening at the conference.

Paris Apostolopoulos of Greece was one of the people who really brought the conference to those of us who weren't there, by posting a detailed daily account of the conference events he attended. I'm really glad he carried to DEVOXX this attitude and objective, which he expressed after a long first day at the conference:

Despite the fact that I feel a bit tired and brain drained - I am forcing my self to write the day's review so that friends, colleagues or anyone interested, especially back in Greece can read the post - early in the morning tomorrow while checking corporate email etc.

Thanks, Paris!

Now it's the weekend. DEVOXX 2010 is over, and pretty much everyone has gone home (except maybe for some people who decided to stay and see some of the beautiful sights in Antwerp over the weekend). But the end of DEVOXX hasn't meant an end of DEVOXX blogging. A slew of great new posts were published after I finalized Friday's home page. So, below I provide links to a selection of the best of the (English-language) DEVOXX wrap-up posts.

  • Yolande Poirier, The Last Day at Devoxx!: The future of Java discussion panel synthesized the week-long keynotes and core Java sessions...
  • Duchess, Devoxx – Java Posse: This year Devoxx was great! ...
  • Anton Arhipov, Some Pictures from Devoxx 2010
  • Stephen Colebourne, Devoxx whiteboard votes 2010: As usual at Devoxx, there were a number of Whiteboard polls...
  • Adam Bien, Pets and Aliens in a Cinema or Attendee Overflow at DEVOXX: Actually I only intended to show a short Java EE 6 demo and then discuss "lean" architectures on slides...
  • Paris Apostolopoulos, Following the Tweets from DEVOXX, and finding that a difficult way to follow a conference you're not attending in person.">Devoxx 2010 - Conference Day Three - and Devoxx final thoughts: Last day of Devoxx – I managed to attend 2 session and then head back to Brussels airport and fly back to Athens...
  • Floris.getBlog(), Devoxx 2010 - Day 3: Final day of Devoxx. It went by too fast...
  • Robin Custers, And up to 2011...: Devoxx 2010 is over again...
  • Johannes Thönes, Devoxx 2010: Iwas very lucky to attend the Devoxx 2010 (the conference part) this year...
  • Yolande Poirier, Devoxx Knows How to Party: To the delight of attendees, the Java Posse recorded their podcast live from Devoxx...
  • Yolande Poirier, The Duchess at Devoxx: The Duchess, a "Women in Java" organization, had a great one-hour Bird of a Feather (BoF) yesterday...

The amount and quality and diversity of blogging at DEVOXX 2010 was incredible! It was a great conference greatly conveyed and reported by those who chose to take the time to blog. Thanks, all!

Hmmm... I'd really enjoy being part of the DEVOXX 2011 blogging crew. I think I'll start lobbying for that right now!

Java Today

Paris Apostolopoulos presents his Devoxx 2010 - Conference Day Two - Review:

Wow this is, the peak of the conference has just passed. Another full day is completed full of interesting talks. Tomorrow I will be able to attend only the first maybe the second session and then I will have to head for the Brussels airport and Athens. I will be writing a final post - during the flight I guess. So let's get started...

David Keen reports on Devoxx – Project Coin, Defective Java and the Social Network:

Joe Darcy and Maurizio Cimadamore gave a preview of the changes coming up in Project Coin. These are small changes to the Java language that will be added to Java 7. They all look pretty useful and include: * Strings in switch; * Collection literals...

Yolande Poirier reports Devoxx Going Strong:

Today, Jerome Dochez, Paul Sandoz and Linda DeMichiel presented the keynote on the future of Java EE. They summarized the new developments for Java EE platform. Java EE 7 will be improved to deploy cloud computing applications and infrastructures. Other signifiquant developments will be on JSF, web tier, the Java persistence and JAX-RS. Paul Sandoz showed code examples for injection integration improvements...

Matt Raible talks about My Comparing JVM Web Frameworks Presentation from Devoxx 2010:

This week, I've been having a great time in Antwerp, Belgium at the Devoxx Conference. This morning, I had the pleasure of delivering my Comparing JVM Web Frameworks talk. I thoroughly enjoyed giving this presentation, especially to such a large audience. You can view the presentation below (if you have Flash installed) or download it here...


Our latest the NetBeans team announcement NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta Now Available for Download!:

The NetBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta. NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta introduces language support for development to the Java SE 7 specification with the JDK 7 platform. The release also provides enhanced integration with the Oracle WebLogic server, as well as support for Oracle Database and GlassFish 3.1 ...

We're also featuring Mark Reinhold's A JSR Quartet:

I’m pleased to note the submission of four new Java Specification Requests
to the Java Community Process: JSR 334: Small
Enhancements to the Java Programming Language
, by Joe Darcy with help from Jon Gibbons, Maurizio Cimadamore, and many
others in Project Coin ...


Our current poll asks What's your view of the OpenJDK for Mac OS announcement? Voting will be open until Monday.

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham


DEVOXX 2010 Wrap-Up; and,

Hi Kevin,
I fully agree with you. Tweets are great for smaller conferences, but with 3000+ potential tweet-ers, some of which posting just to see themselves on the big screen, it may become quite hard to follow the content.
Great work by everyone listed (I just could check half of them). If you don't treat it as spam or something, please check also my reports:
The last three (soon will be four) posts are about my devoxx experience.