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Poll Result: Little Consensus on Current Pace of Java 7 / Java 8 Development

Posted by editor on November 29, 2010 at 4:16 PM PST

This past week's poll suggests that there is little agreement on the current pace of Java 7 / Java 8 development. At least, that's the case among the 239 people who chose to cast a vote. The exact poll question and results were:

What do you think about the current pace of Java 7 / Java 8 development?

  • 16% (38 votes) - The pace is accelerating, and that's great
  • 30% (71 votes) - A lot of time was lost, but we're back on track now
  • 20% (48 votes) - As usual, we're creeping forward
  • 25% (60 votes) - Critical updates to Java are happening way too slowly
  • 2% (4 votes) - Other
  • 8% (18 votes) - I don't know

I suppose that if you try to stretch reality a bit, you could call all of the first three options "positive" and say that a solid 66% majority thinks the current pace of Java development is no worse than it has been historically. But, my guess is that a lot of people who selected "As usual, we're creeping forward" weren't trying to express satisfaction with the current state of affairs.

You could also easily group "As usual, we're creeping forward" with "Critical updates to Java are happening way too slowly" and say that almost half of the voters expressed some or considerable displeasure with the current pace of Java development. Then, grouping the first two options, 46% of the voters are pleased with the current pace, while 45% are not.

One way to look at it is -- as of a year ago, no one really knew if there would be a "pace" of Java 7 development at all in November 2010; the uncertainties induced by the Oracle acquisition of Sun were immense at that time, and no details about Oracle's plans for Java could legally be made public.

New poll: Forrester Group assessment of Java for enterprise app development

Our new poll is inspired by Mike Gualtieri's blog post, "Java Is A Dead-End For Enterprise App Development". The poll asks what you think: Is Java a dead end for enterprise app development? Voting will be open for the next week.

Java Today

Mark J. Wielaard wonders about Moving Java Forward through the JCP:

Mark Reinhold recently pointed out that he, Joe Darcy and Brian Goetz had submitted their OpenJDK work on features for JDK7 and JDK8 to the JCP for standardization. Normally I am somewhat sceptical about the JCP. I don’t believe the JCP fosters a truly open process and discourages Free Software implementations. But Mark, Joe and Brian seem to be proving me wrong...

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine has noticed that It's raining GlassFish 3.1 Cluster screencasts!

A couple of months back (soon after Milestone 3 was released), we published a "GlassFish 3.1 Admin Console" screencast which offered a glimpse at what centralized admin and clustering would look like in the GlassFish 3.x family. As recently as last week, another GlassFish HA video was published based on the more recent bits...

Arun Gupta looks ahead in JavaOne Brazil Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Promo Images, Websites, etc.:

JavaOne Brazil is right around the corner and here is some useful information for you ... * Twitter:; * Hashtags: #javaone10 or #javaonebrasil...

Adam Bien says Swing Looks ... Great!

The theme for Synthetica called "BlackEye" looks compelling. There is also a WebStart demo available (works smoothly on Mac)...


Our latest Spotlight is Matt Raible's An Awesome Trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp for Devoxx 2010:

I've often heard that Devoxx (formerly Javapolis) is one of the best Java-related conferences in the world. I've also heard it has the best speaking and viewing facilities (a movie theater) of any conference. When I was invited to speak earlier this year, I jumped at the opportunity...

We're also featuring the NetBeans team announcement NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta Now Available for Download!:

The NetBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta. NetBeans IDE 7.0 Beta introduces language support for development to the Java SE 7 specification with the JDK 7 platform. The release also provides enhanced integration with the Oracle WebLogic server, as well as support for Oracle Database and GlassFish 3.1 ...


Our current poll asks Is Java a dead end for enterprise app development? Voting will be open until Monday.

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham