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Java User Group Argentina Has Been Successfully Launched

Posted by editor on April 18, 2011 at 11:17 AM PDT

This past Friday, Ramiro Rinaudo wrote about his experience in Starting a Java User Group in Argentina. According to its Meetup-based web site, Java User Group Argentina was founded on February 9. Their first meeting was on March 17, and the next will happen next Thursday, April 28. The Meetup group currently has 120 members.

So, how did JUG Argentina come to be? Here's Ramiro's description:

When MuleSoft opened the office in Buenos Aires, everybody from San Francisco was asking about the Java User Group here. We researched and found that there were a couple of initiatives to start it but died long time ago. We thought it would be great not only to sponsor one, but to create it and help Argentina to have it's own Java User Group.

Ramiro set out contacting lots of Java developers and many expressed interest in organizing and getting involved in a new Java User Group.

I organized a meeting which we got at least 20 people from the initial companies, to get first impressions and how we should move things forward. I saw people got really involved and interested in discussing, learning and sharing knowledge.

After that, things accelerated:

In 2 weeks, more than 80 people joined the group and we expect it to keep growing.

The goal is to

Make JUG Argentina a central place for the best java developers in Argentina. A place to discuss and work together the future of many java technologies. A place people who is starting in java can see where the technology is going and how they can be part of that future.

JUG Argentina's experience shows that, where there are lots of Java developers, there will likely be plenty of interest in forming a Java User Group if one doesn't already exist. It does require one or more energetic people who are willing to take the time to build the structure, arrange meetings, etc. But like-minded helpers can usually be found. In addition, as Ramiro found, often local companies whose success depends on Java developers will be more than willing to lend assistance.

Congratulations to Java User Group Argentina on getting off to a great start! Weblogs

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