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Duke Gets All Jazzed Up for Java 7; Global Java 7 Event This Thursday

Posted by editor on July 3, 2011 at 2:11 PM PDT

If you haven't noticed, Duke is really excited about the upcoming release of Java 7 -- so much so, that he's sporting a new, snazzy outfit, and keeps jumping up and down, unable to contain his excitement. The ilovejava Facebook page explains: "Java is moving forward, and so is Duke!"

The release of Java 7 is of course an incredibly big moment for Java. Thinking back, there was plenty of time when many wondered if there would ever be a Java 7 release -- the future of Java was so unclear as Sun slid into demise. And, while perhaps we could say that there was a kind of skimming low over the treetops for a while, the Java plane indeed did not crash land; and today, it's clearly gaining altitude once again, under Oracle's stewardship. The promotional slogan happens to be true: Java is indeed moving forward today.

As part of the promotional side of things, a 3D animated screen saver featuring the new, enhanced Duke is being offered to anyone who'd like it. Versions for Mac, Linux, and Windows are available.

While Java 7 won't formally be released until later this month, a global Java 7 introduction will be taking place this Thursday, July 7 - a 4 1/2 hour live event, that will also be broadcast online as the Introducing Java 7 Webcast: Moving Java Forward. If you'll be in the Redwood Shores, CA, USA area, you can register for the live celebration. Otherwise, consider watching the live web cast.

Another way to participate is submit Java 7 questions for the panel Q & A segment of the event. You can submit questions by posting a comment to Tori Wieldt's Future Tech Duke blog post, or you can tweet questions on Twitter, tagging your tweet with #java 7. Weblogs

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Step Forward and Celebrate! As a member of the Java community, you played a critical role in building Java 7. You contributed great ideas for new features and new ways of working and collaborating to take the next step in development. And now, it's time to celebrate with a global gathering of the Java community