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Welcome, Java User Group Cergy! Welcome, Sibiu Java User Group!

Posted by editor on July 11, 2011 at 7:22 PM PDT

Java User Group Community Leader John Yeary recently announced the graduations of two Java User Groups from the project incubator: JUG Cergy (France) and Sibiu JUG (Romania).

Cergy, France is a suburb about 28 km to the northwest of Paris. In his announcement, John specifically congratulated Kaesar Alnijres "for successfully completing the requirements for graduation from the incubator." In its home page on, the JUG says it is aiming to have its first meeting or event in either July or early September.

Sibiu is a beautiful old city in central Romania (ranked 8th in the Forbes Magazine list of Europe's most idyllic place to live). In his announcement, John congratulated Cojocaru Euge for completing the incubator graduation requirements. Sibiu JUG recently held their first meeting, and their next one will be on August 1. You can visit the Sibiu JUG home page on

Congratulations to JUG Cergy and the Sibiu JUG!


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