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New Poll: Anticipating the Most Important JavaOne News

Posted by editor on October 1, 2011 at 1:24 PM PDT

With JavaOne 2011 imminent, we have a new poll that provides you the opportunity to predict what the most important news from JavaOne will be (if you vote beforehand), or voice your opinion on what the most important news was (if you vote after the conference ends). The poll options were selected with reference to the description of Monday morning's JavaOne Technical Keynote.

So, what area of Java/JVM technology do you think the most important news to come out of JavaOne will be related to:

  • Java 8
  • Non-Java JVM languages
  • JavaFX
  • Java EE
  • Embedded Java
  • Java Me
  • or: something else?

Vote in our new poll!


Our latest article is Sanjay Dasgupta's VisualLangLab - Grammar without Tears.

Java News

Here are the stories we've recently featured in our Java news section:


Our latest href="">Spotlight is Finding Your Way Around JavaOne:

Imagine: You are at JavaOne and you forgot to print out your schedule! What do you do? Or, you know your next session but not how to find it. Here are some pointers: To find session times and locations while onsite at JavaOne: 1) At registration, you'll get a schedule overview 2) the JavaOne Mobile App is available for Blackberry, Android and iPhone, 3) you can use the Connection Centers in the Zone where you can look up schedule time and location...

Our previous Spotlight was Java Posse Episode 364 - Sept 24th 2011, which features the VisualLangLab project as its "Project of the week":

Project of the week - VisualLangLab - * If you are observing the crop of new languages springing up at present (like Kotlin, Ceylon, etc.) and think to yourself "I could do better than that", well, now's your chance. * VisualLangLab is a graphical tool for designing language grammars. * The tool gives you the ability to examine the resulting abstract syntax tree from a code snippet passed through your grammar, and helps you write the grammar you want...

Before that, we featured NetBeans at the JavaOne 2011 Conference:

Join members of the NetBeans team; chat with local Java Champions, NetBeans Dream Team members, Java User Group Leaders and fellow NetBeans community members at JavaOne 2011, the destination to share best practices, proven solutions, code samples, and demos that show how to apply Java technology to real-world projects...

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham

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