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Posted by editor on October 2, 2011 at 11:27 AM PDT

You may have noticed that our home page suddenly looks different: the centerpiece is a long column of JavaOne-related blog posts. This is a JavaOne tradition that dates back I don't know exactly how far -- but I have the feeling it was in place for at least several JavaOne's that preceded my first as editor (2009).

With JavaOne 2011 rapidly accelerating into full swing (today is Java User Group Sunday, with lots of community-related events taking place -- the JUG Leaders' brunch, a GlassFish community event -- and it's also Java University Day), I thought I'd take a few minutes to explain the structure of what you'll see on in the coming days -- before my 2011 JavaOne experience becomes a blur of keynotes, sessions, informal chats with members of the community, and blogs about all of that.

The the center of the home page during JavaOne 2001, as I said, will feature blog posts by's own bloggers (including my own posts).

Our href="">Spotlights section, in the right column, will feature two types of item:

  • links that let you follow JavaOne more closely, whether you're in attendance or following from afar; and
  • links to pages that cover the most significant news to come out of the conference.

Then, on our Java news tab, you'll find primarily JavaOne-related blog posts from bloggers whose blogs are hosted somewhere other than on (but really, shouldn't all of these people move their blogs to

In my own blogs (but not this one), I'll typically include a list of the Spotlights and Java News items I've recently put onto the site, along with recent blog posts from other bloggers.

If you're not among the fortunate few who enjoy the privilege of attending JavaOne 2011, I'm hoping you'll find to be a resource that will let you follow the conference as effectively as possible from afar.

If you're attending, you'll find to be a repository that will perhaps point you to some of the items you didn't catch as they happened -- unfortunately, none of us can be in 5 different JavaOne locations simultaneously!

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham

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