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Monday JavaOne Sessions I Attended / Will Attend

Posted by editor on October 3, 2011 at 4:22 PM PDT

The blur phase of JavaOne 2011 has started for me. I quickly realized this morning how brief 30 minutes between sessions is, when during that time I want to check out the best JavaOne related blog posts on and elsewhere, update the site, and post some blogs of my own. It's simply not possible.

That said, JavaOne 2011 thus far is very interesting, very good, in my opinion. I started out this morning by attending the JavaOne Technical Keynote. See Dustin Marx's excellent post, JavaOne 2011: Opening (Technical) Keynote, for an overview of what was said.

Next, I attended the "JCP and the Developer Community" session, which featured JCP members and representatives of the Java User Groups who are now members of the JCP Executive Committee. I see lots that developers should be pleased about happening in the JCP. I'll write more about it soon.

After grabbing lunch, I was late for the "Introduction to JavaFX 2.0" session -- which was sufficiently well attended that I chose to stand. I was planning to update the page as I watched, but couldn't get my internet connection to work. The same problem prevented speaker Nicolas Lorain from being able to run his planned demos (though I think he was using a wired connection). Again, the direction here is interesting -- though many developers will argue the current Windows-only support makes JavaFX currently irrelevant (this is being addressed, though).

I just got back from what I think could be the most important single session of the conference (thus far, anyway): "Project Lambda: To Multicore and Beyond." Again, I'll write more about this soon.

My last session of the day will also look ahead to Java 8 - "Project JigSaw: Find the Corner Pieces First" Blogs

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JavaOne 2011 appears to be very well attended. The Hilton San Francisco Ballroom A/B is standing-room only for the JavaOne 2011 Technical (Opening) Keynote and they have announced the overflow rooms as the Imperial and Yosemite conference rooms. As I type this, we are being told that there is more space devoted to JavaOne this year (as compared to last year) and that there is increased attendance...

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham

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