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New Embedded Community, and Java Embedded @ JavaOne

Posted by editor on August 17, 2012 at 12:40 PM PDT

Embedded Java is receiving significant new attention, with the first Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference taking place October 3-4, supported in part by members of's new Java Embedded Community. The Java Embedded @ JavaOne content catalog currently lists 23 sessions, ranging from keynote addresses by Hasan Rizvi ("Java Embedded: Product Strategy") and Judson Althoff ("Java Embedded: Market Strategy"), to detailed sessions on topics like "Smart Grid Controller Powered by Java" and "M2M (Machine-to-Machine): Tackling the Next Data Deluge."

In Tori Wieldt's recent blog about the Java Embedded @ JavaOne Keynotes, she notes:

With nearly two decades of innovation, Java continues to be the dominant technology solution for enterprises worldwide, and drives an ever-growing ecosystem of over nine million developers. During that time, Java has shipped on over 10 billion embedded devices!

That's a lot of devices. But, it would be unreasonable to think that we're anywhere near the peak when it comes to embedded devices. If anything, we're at the beginning of an embedded explosion, fueled by small footprint hardware with more memory, faster processors, and wireless connectivity.

Check out the Java Embedded device catalog (PDF) posted by the Java Embedded Community to see what I mean (and also to see the incredible variety of devices that are available today).

Speaking of the Java Embedded Community -- it's off to a running start! Community Co-Leader Roger Brinkley introduced the community in a blog post a few weeks ago:

Originally started as the Mobile & Embedded Community the Embedded Community will focus on Java embedded development for the Java Platform. It is a gathering place that enables and empowers developers to collaborate and innovate, driving the evolution and adoption of the Java platform, both JavaSE andJavaME, for embedded devices.

Roger has been actively blogging about Java embedded topics at Binky's Cave. If you'll be attending Java Embedded @ JavaOne, and you want to talk/blog about it in advance, see Roger's post Java Embedded @ JavaOne Attendee Toolkit.

Terrence Barr, who also co-leads the Java Embedded Community, blogs at Across the Universe. Weblogs

Since my last blog post, several new blogs have been posted:


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