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JavaOne Sunday: NetBeans, Java User Groups, GlassFish, Java Keynotes

Posted by editor on September 29, 2012 at 10:37 PM PDT

This year's "Sunday before JavaOne" will be one of the busiest days of the conference for a great many attendees. That's in part because the conference actually begins Sunday afternoon this year, rather than Monday morning. The Java Strategy Keynote takes place at 4:00 PM, followed by the JavaOne Technical Keynote at 5:45 PM.

The Strategy Keynote description is: "The future course for modern-day living—in both the enterprise business world and the consumer arena—is being positively influenced by the ongoing innovation and value of Java. From enterprise application development to cloud computing and embedded machine-to-machine systems, Java continues to drive the applications and devices that enrich our interactivity with the world around us. In the Java strategy keynote, Oracle’s Java engineering luminaries demonstrate Oracle’s continued commitment to and positive stewardship of Java and provide a glimpse of the future, showcasing the vast opportunities Java provides."

The Technical Keynote is described as follows: "Java continues the evolution of its original “write once, run anywhere” philosophy by offering developers a powerful, scalable, and open platform for application development. With its general-purpose virtual machine, productive language features, and a rich set of libraries, Java is continuing to improve the productivity of developers who create applications ranging from lightweight, headless devices all the way to high-end enterprise computing. This year’s JavaOne technical keynote offers an integrated look into how the entire range of the Java portfolio is evolving to offer developers a high-performance, standards-based platform to meet the challenges of the next generation of enterprise computing."

But, before any of this happens, there is a day of sessions and panel discussions by and for members of the NetBeans (NetBeans Community Day), GlassFish (GlassFish Community Event), and Java User Group (JUGs Sunday) communities.

The problem for me is that the NetBeans, GlassFish, and JUG sessions all take place simultaneously. I'll have to miss 2/3 of what I wish I could attend... But I'll see some of all of it, and as the day proceeds I'll feature content on the home page, tweet, blog, etc...