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JavaOne 2012 Monday: Conversing, Listening, Watching...

Posted by editor on October 1, 2012 at 10:13 PM PDT

Monday at JavaOne 2012 was a day of conversation for me - more listening than talking. As often happens at JavaOne, I heard lots, took lots of notes, launched the new "Lightning Interviews" series (tiny interviews suited for people who have only a minute or two to spare - see the first two, featuring Sven Reimers and Anton Epple), and spoke somewhat at length with Juggy (who was accompanied by his mascot @brjavaman). And, of course, I also browsed what others are writing about JavaOne 2012, so we could also feature that in our "Java News" tab.

As a result, it's now late, and there's little time left in today to document everything I heard, so that will have to wait for another day. But, it will indeed come along, in the next many weeks...

If you're at JavaOne 2012, and you've got 100 seconds or so to tell the community about what's exciting to you in the Now +- some months period, find me at JavaOne (try the OTN area in the Exhibition Hall, the Hilton lobby, @kevin_farnham, or even post a comment here), and we'll get your interview onto soon after the interview (and we'll also tweet it on our @javanetbuzz Twitter account). Find me!

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