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JavaOne 2012 Wednesday: a Great 3-Slide Session, More Interesting Interviews, and Scheduling Post-JavaOne Interviews

Posted by editor on October 3, 2012 at 10:48 PM PDT

My Wednesday at JavaOne 2012 included a very interesting 3-slide session (a title slide, a diagram, and a reference URLs slide); conducting interviews I'd arranged yesterday, plus one unscheduled interview; and setting up post-JavaOne virtual interviews. I also got my first chance this JavaOne to say a quick "hello" (yep, just that one word) to my friend Adam Bien.

The session I attended was "Building HTML5 Mobile Apps with Cloud Services" by Max Katz. During the 45-minute session, Max used the Tiggzi cloud-based application platform to build three functional mobile apps: a Twitter search app, an AT&T SMS messaging app, and a DEVOXX session schedule app. As I write this, you can view a result page from the HTML5 DEVOXX app at

Later in the day I interviewed:

Interviews with Martijn Verburg (London Java Community, JCP) and Toni Epple (NetBeans) didn't happen due to scheduling difficulties. Both of these interviews will happen after JavaOne via some form of remote communication.

Once again, all of the interviews will be turned into Editor's blogs in the weeks following JavaOne. Also, just to give you a hint about the overall vision I expect the interviews to present, the reason I chose to attend Max Katz's session is that I thought it would mesh well with the cumulative content of the interviews.

Thursday morning, I'll attend my final event of JavaOne 2012, the Java Community Keynote.