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New Java Champions: Agnes Crepet, Yara Senger, Martijn Verburg, Lars Vogel

Posted by editor on October 22, 2012 at 5:00 PM PDT

The Java Champions have expanded in October, 2012, adding (at least) four new members: Agnes Crepet (France), Yara Senger (Brazil), Martijn Verburg (UK), and Lars Vogel (Germany). You may have heard of some of these people, depending where you live and your level of involvement in Java in your region and globally. I present here a brief introduction to each new Java Champion.

Agnes Crepet has been using Java since 1999, and is a Java EE Architect for a French pharmaceuticals company. She also founded Ninja Squad, a company dedicated software craftsmanship. She leads both the Lyon JUG and Duchess France

Yara Senger is President of SouJava and co-founder and director of GlobalCode, the largest Brazilian training company.

Martijn Verburg is co-leader of the London Java Community, CTO of the startup JClarity, a speaker (aka "The Diaboloical Developer"), and active advocate/creator in the Adopt-a-JSR and AdoptOpenJDK efforts.

Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH and works as Eclipse and Android consultant, trainer and book author. Lars is Committer in the Eclipse project and received in 2010 the "Eclipse Top Contributor Award" and 2012 the "Eclipse Top Newcomer Evangelist Award".

Java Champions are leaders. More importantly, they are teachers -- all of us can learn so much from their experiences. At the same time, among the Java Champions I know personally... Almost universally, they'll tell us that they have learned, and continue to learn, from everyone else in the Java community.

You can follow Agnes Crepet @agnes_crepet, Yara Senger @yarasenger, Martijn Verburg @kariana, and Lars Vogel @vogella on Twitter. From there, you can find everything you'd like to know about their current endeavors. I myself am always curious about what leaders in my field find interesting! Weblogs

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