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Hadoop Poll Result; New Poll: Which Technology Will Most Affect Your Work in 2013?

Posted by editor on January 12, 2013 at 10:20 PM PST

A significant majority of developers who voted in our recent Hadoop poll said they know Hadoop quite well. The poll ran for three weeks over the year-end holidays and into the new year, drawing 1567 votes. That's a lot more voting than I'd have expected during a holiday period! Perhaps the fact that the poll was launched not long after my blog about my JavaOne 2012 conversation with Konstantin Shvachko drew some voters to the poll?

The exact poll question and results were:

What do you know about Hadoop?

  • 70% (1102 votes) - I have a pretty in depth knowledge of Hadoop
  • 6% (97 votes) - I know the basics of what Hadoop does
  • 9% (138 votes) - I've heard of Hadoop
  • 10% (149 votes) - What's Hadoop?
  • 5% (81 votes) - Other

What can you really say about these results? Who'd have guessed that so many who voted in this admittedly unscientific poll would have "pretty in depth knowledge of Hadoop"? My guess is that the poll attracted primarily Hadoop experts, and most people who know much less about Hadoop saw the question and chose not to vote.

New Poll: Your work will be affected in 2013 by...

Our new poll asks you to respond to the prompt, In 2013, my own work will be most affected by new developments related to... There are plenty of options, so please take a look and make a selection! Voting will be open until Friday, January 25. Weblogs

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