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My Notebook Full of Notes from Jfokus 2013; also, Jfokus 2013 Presentations Are Now Available!

Posted by editor on February 19, 2013 at 3:56 PM PST

Jfokus 2013 was a great conference. I spent most of the time when I was attending sessions scribbling notes into a notebook provided by 10gen (the company behind the MongoDB NoSQL database), and over the course of three days I came perilously close to running out of pages!

There is a trend these days for people to tweet the contents of conference sessions as they happen. But, I choose to observe an older tradition, wherein you attend a session, take notes, spend some time thinking about the session, including the import of what was presented, then you spend more time writing a blog. I mean, it's not as if what's presented in most conference sessions is so immediately critical that publishing the speaker's last-spoken phrase on Twitter within seconds is essential. I'd even guess that most speakers have spent time putting their presentations together with some logic, and that the coherence and import of the entire presentation becomes fully evident only when the session is completed.

For these reasons, I fully occupy myself with scribbling down notes during the conference sessions I attend. As Geertjan Wielenga commented when we happened to cross one another's path in a hallway at Jfokus, if you take the time to write a blog that contains significant content about a conference session, then that blog becomes a record that people can find via search engines long after the blog is posted. It could be that someone needs a solution to a problem, and insight into a potential solution was provided during a conference session. Tweets about the session won't very well enable that developer to find the needed information. But a blog post about a relevant session can lead to the developer finding the information that will lead down a path that provides a solution.

So, I think blogs about sessions one attends at a conference are a service to the broader developer community, in a way that tweets are not... Not that I have anything against tweeting at conferences. I'm just saying: blog posts about sessions can serve a need that tweets cannot. Hence, I took copious notes and tweeted little when I was at Jfokus!

My plan in the coming weeks is to compose and publish those blogs about the Jfokus 2013 sessions I attended. It truly was an excellent, well-focused conference, so pertinent to where we stand today, imo. I wish I could have attended all of the sessions -- but with 6 different sessions happening simultaneously, that clearly wasn't possible!

Still, I ended up with quite a sizable amount of scribbles, which I'm starting to go through now...

Jfokus 2013 presentation slides available now!

Thanks to the efficiency of Jfokus presenters and the Jfokus web site team, all of us can now view the slides from the great majority of Jfokus 2013 sessions. The presentation documents have been embedded into the Program tab on the Jfokus site. You can find the presentations by speaker:

or by the session titles:

or using the Jfokus 2013 schedule:

Happy viewing!

As I blog about the sessions I attended, I'll likely reference some of the slides, and I'll also provide a link to the full slide-deck.

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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