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Egypt Java User Group's Java Developer Conference 2013 Is Again a Huge Success

Posted by editor on March 10, 2013 at 5:30 PM PDT

Egypt is frequently in the news these days, and some of the reasons surely are not comforting. But on Friday and Saturday, March 8-9, there was a lot to be happy about at the Cairo International Conference Center. There, the Egyptian Java User Group was hosting the Java Developers Conference (JDC), which, from looking at the related tweets (search for #jdc2013 or view @egjdc), came off as successfully (or even moreso) than prior year editions!

The conference featured 40 sessions, with 20 sessions happening each day, and four sessions happening simultaneously. Yes, attendees had to look at the conference agenda (PDF) and make some tough decisions about what to see and what not to see. The conference sessions ran from 9:30 AM through 9:00 PM -- a long day indeed, as Enas Sharaf tweeted at the end of the conference:

Heading to home after a hard day with awesome people @ #jdc2013 Thank u guys :) @egjdc @trendingdig

EGJUG leader Ahmed Ali expected more than 600 Java professionals to attend, making JDC 2013 the biggest Java conference in the Middle East. The conference sessions covered topics ranging from JBoss, to Java Web App security, to Java EE development productivy, to WebSocket, to OpenShift, HTML5, performance tuning, Spring, Android, JVM languages, Java Heap, Java EE 7, Asha, the Cloud, Hadoop, Play... I think you get the idea. Java Developer Conference 2013 was a major event, and assuredly all who attended came away with some new ideas they can put to use in their everyday work.

Sponsorship of JDC 2013 was quite diverse, a testament to the organizational skills of Ahmed and the EGJUG JDC team. Nokia was the Platinum sponsor; ITWORX, redhat, Microsoft, and Eitesal were Gold sponsors; Oracle was a Silver sponsor; and there were additional sponsors as well.

Some JDC 2013 speakers are already posting their slides, and announcing that via the Twitter #jdc2013 hash tag. @egjdc notes:

Don't forget, follow us on our Youtube channel and we will publish JDC 2012 and JDC 2013 videos one by one.

The Egyptian Java User Group amazes me. I look forward to reporting on many JDCs in the future. Maybe, some day, I'll even be able to attend one! Great work, Ahmed and the EGJUG!

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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