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Poll Result: Awareness of Adopt-a-JSR Effort Grows - Slowly but Steadily

Posted by editor on May 20, 2013 at 2:18 AM PDT

The results of the most recently completed poll suggest that awareness of the Adopt-a-JSR effort within the Java developer community continues to increase, albeit at a perhaps modest pace. Still, growing awareness is a strong positive for any long-term effort. And the Adopt-a-JSR program is certainly intended as a long-term effort in promoting and guiding the future of Java.

A total of 185 votes were cast in the poll. The exact question and results were:

How familiar are you with the Adopt-a-JSR program?

  • 15% (28 votes) - I participate in it
  • 21% (38 votes) - I know what it is, but I don't participate
  • 23% (42 votes) - I've heard of if, but don't know much about it
  • 38% (71 votes) - Never heard of it
  • 3% (6 votes) - Other
  • On the one hand, you could say "Aha! 'Never heard of it' received the most votes!" But, that's a bit misleading, since the first three options all represent gradations of familiarity with the Adopt-a-JSR effort. Summing up the voting for the first three options results in 59% of the voters expressing at least some familiarity with the Adopt-a-JSR effort (they've at least heard of it), whereas 38% of the voters said they'd never heard of Adopt-a-JSR.

    But, then again, this poll drew a fairly small number of votes. If people aren't familiar with the topic of a poll, they're more likely to decide not to cast a vote at all. So, it would not be surprising if more than 38% of the Java developer community has never heard of the Adopt-a-JSR effort. In fact, if it was true 59% of the Java developer community actually has some awareness of Adopt-a-JSR (they've at least heard of it), that would undoubtedly be a cause for excitement among the core members of the Adopt-a-JSR effort!

    Of course, the normal caveat applies: this is not a scientific poll... I doubt that 59% of the Java developer community has at least heard of Adopt-a-JSR. But, if anyone who hadn't previously heard of the Adopt-a-JSR program is reading this blog post, then that's one more developer helping us work toward that level of awareness...

    The next -- and, of course, much more important -- step is to get involved in the Adopt-a-JSR program!

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    -- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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