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Java EE 7 Live Launch Provides Information and Interaction; Up Next: Virtual Developer Day

Posted by editor on June 19, 2013 at 9:41 AM PDT

Last week, I attended the global live launch of Java EE 7, a webcast I wrote about earlier, titled "Introducing Java EE 7." The live webcast happened twice (on at 17:00 GMT on June 12, and 12 hours later at 05:00 GMT on June 13), thus enabling every Java developer in the world to attend the live session at some point during non-sleeping hours.

The value of attending the live sessions was the capability to participate interactively, via the chat app that was part of the webcast user interface:

But even if you weren't able to attend one of the live webcasts, if you registered for the event, you can still revisit pretty much everything that happened in the live webcasts, including reading the chat logs:

Now in progress: Virtual Developer Day

As I finish writing this post (about 17:00 GMT on June 19), I'm listening in on the latest Java Virtual Developer Day, titled Taking Java EE, SE, and Embedded to the Edge. This four-hour event started with a keynote address that provided an overview of Oracle's overall Java strategy. Now the breakout sessions are underway. Like the Java EE 7 launch webcast, there will be two editions of the Virtual Developer Day, timed so that Java developers around the world have an opportunity to attend at least one of the sessions during non-sleeping hours. The second VDD will happen at 08:00 GMT on June 25.

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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