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Poll Result: Developer's Opinions Vary on the Significance of 'the Cloud'

Posted by editor on July 17, 2013 at 9:54 AM PDT

The results of the last-completed poll suggest that the developer community is not yet entirely convinced that 'the Cloud' is as revolutionary a development as some think. Still, a plurality of voters considered the Cloud to be significant.

A total of 177 votes were cast in the poll, which ran for two weeks. The exact question and results were:

Does 'the Cloud' change anything?

  • 20% (36 votes) - It changes everything: ultimately, it will eliminate most corporate data centers
  • 25% (45 votes) - It's a pretty significant development
  • 18% (32 votes) - It's too early to tell
  • 18% (31 votes) - It's not as important a development as many people think
  • 15% (27 votes) - No, it's just buzz
  • 3% (6 votes) - Other
  • Grouping the first two options, and also options 4 and 5, yields 45% of the voters considering the Cloud to be significant or world-changing, 33% considering the Cloud to be not that important or just buzz, with 18% believing it's too early to tell.

    This, I think, attests to the fact that the Cloud has not to this date had much of a direct effect on most developers. Not that many are working on Cloud applications. Java EE 7 moves toward Cloud support, but the strategy there is also to wait until Cloud platforms are more stable and better defined.

    I think also there's a bit of a misconception on what constitutes the Cloud; or, perhaps, there's a multiplicity of definitions. For example, is Google Docs a cloud application? I'd say yes, myself. Rather than coping with 18 different versions of office software on desktops/laptops/tablets running 7 different operating systems (and coping with all the "this doesn't render correctly on my system" issues), all the users connect to Google Docs, and create, share, and edit documents generated and stored on a single hardware/software/application architecture.

    Looked at from the point of view of this simple case, I'd say the Cloud is already changing the way at least some of us work.

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    -- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)