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JavaOne 2013 Sessions to Look Forward to: Controlling NAO Robot with Java [CON11839]

Posted by editor on September 21, 2013 at 11:12 AM PDT

I've finally found time to start browsing the JavaOne 2013 Content Catalog, andand various summaries of interesting JavaOne sessions organized by topic (you can see several of these on the home page right now). Thanks to Terrence Barr's "JavaOne 2013: Deep into Embedded" post, I came across Controlling NAO Robot with Java [CON11839]. The session is presented by Dimitri Merejkowsky, Software Engineer at Aldebaran Robotics.

Here's the session description:

NAO is a state-of-the-art humanoid robot with 25 degrees of freedom. With a brand-new SDK allowing easier integration, you'll discover how simple it is to use Java to control NAO robot and create apps.

After a quick search, I found this video of NAO in action:

I'm hoping to be in attendance for this one: Thursday, September 26, 2-3 pm, Hotel Nikko - Monterey I/II.

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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