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Poll Result: Java/JVM Developers Like Using Up-to-Date IDEs

Posted by editor on November 29, 2013 at 8:10 AM PST

If the results of the just-completed poll are at all representative of the broader Java/JVM community (our polls are not scientific, of course), the indication is that Java/JVM developers like staying pretty much up to date when it comes to their IDE. A total of 159 votes were cast in the poll, which ran for two weeks.

The exact question and results were:

How frequently do you upgrade your IDE version?

  • 21% (34 votes) - I like using the very latest release, including betas and/or Release Candidates
  • 30% (47 votes) - When a new stable minor release comes out
  • 15% (24 votes) - I sometimes upgrade to a minor release if it includes something I've been waiting for
  • 15% (24 votes) - When a new major release comes out
  • 13% (21 votes) - Almost never: what I have works fine, I have more important tasks to think about
  • 6% (9 votes) - I don't use an IDE

Looking at this, one thing that stands out is that 81% of the developers who voted update their IDE version at least when a new major release comes out; 66% at least sometimes update their IDE version when a minor release comes out; and 51% update their IDE version with every minor release.

That's pretty surprising to me. But, as I already said, our polls aren't scientific, so it could just be that the developers who chose to participate in this particular poll are generally more enthusiastic about their IDEs than developers who chose not to vote.

We don't invade the privacy of poll voters by requiring a full disclosure of your age, sex, address, favorite sports team, etc., as a condition for voting. But, for this one, I think it might have been interesting to see a breakdown of results by the age of the developer. Back in the old days long ago when I first started programming, there was no such thing as an Integrated Development Environment. I wonder if the average age of developers who "almost never" update their IDE, or who don't use an IDE at all, is significantly higher than the average age of developers who voted for one of the top four options...

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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