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JFrog's Bintray, Part 1: the Non-Trivial Problem of Developing an Infrastructure to Reliably Serve Software Binaries

Posted by editor on December 8, 2013 at 7:49 AM PST

I was very pleased to see the JFrog team take me up on my suggestion early this year that "Maybe the JFrog team will consider giving a presentation on how they put all this together at JavaOne this September". Unfortunately for me, the session (Building a Massively Scalable Cloud Service from the Ground Up) was already filled to capacity as I walked up to the door, so I was unable to attend.

The session, presented by JFrog founder Yoav Landman (@yoavlandman), described the infrastructure behind JFrog's Bintray platform. Bintray also won a Duke's Choice Award at JavaOne 2013.

If you're not familiar with Bintray, it's a distribution system for software binaries that's framed within a set of modern social networking tools. The social networking tools facilitate the building of communities centered on specific binaries, repositories, types of software, companies... Since the communities are self-forming, there's really no limit on the categories around which a community could be formed.

Getting all this to work wasn't trivial, according to the description of Yoav's session:

Serving developer binaries isn