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Java Conferences I'd Attend if I Had Several Free Months to Wander Europe, Part 1: Jfokus

Posted by editor on January 22, 2014 at 8:25 AM PST

When I spoke with Java Champion and Jfokus founder Mattias Karlsson (@matkar) at JavaOne 2012, my first question was something I'd wondered about for years:

why in the world would someone hold a major Java conference (i.e., Jfokus) in the middle of the Swedish winter? I'm guessing Mattias may have heard this question before, because his first response was a broadening smile... after which he said, "Because Stockholm is beautiful in winter." Then he followed with "and the weather keeps people inside during the conference."

As it turned out, I had the opportunity to attend Jfokus 2013. It was a great conference! You can get some feel for what I experienced there in this blog series:

That was the first time I'd ever been in Europe!

Unfortunately, I won't be attending Jfokus 2014, but the conference promises to be just as excellent as was Jfokus 2013 (you'll find many Jfokus 2013 session videos on Parleys).

This year's Jfokus includes the Jfokus Developer's Conference on February 3-5, and a Jfokus IoT Internet of Things subconference on February 4-5. There are also two-day training labs that follow the conference.

To see what's coming up at the conference, you can browse the Jfokus Developer's Conference Talks, and you can review the Jfokus IoT Talks as well.

There's still time to register to attend Jfokus 2014 (although the February 3 Tutorial Day is already sold out). But even if you can't attend Jfokus 2014, you can at least follow @Jfokus on Twitter.

As the title of this post implies, Jfokus is the first of several great European Java conferences that are coming up in the next several months. My months of free wandering would start in Stockholm at Jfokus. From there, I'd travel at a leisurely pace through southern Sweden, then cross over from Malmo and visit Copenhagen. After touring parts of Denmark, I'd head south into Germany, visit Hamburg, then veer southwest toward the next Java conference on my agenda...

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)