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Java Conferences I'd Attend if I Had Several Free Months to Wander Europe, Part 1: Jfokus

Posted by editor on January 22, 2014 at 8:25 AM PST

When I spoke with Java Champion and Jfokus founder Mattias Karlsson (@matkar) at JavaOne 2012, my first question was something I'd wondered about for years:

why in the world would someone hold a major Java conference (i.e., Jfokus) in the middle of the Swedish winter? I'm guessing Mattias may have heard this question before, because his first response was a broadening smile... after which he said, "Because Stockholm is beautiful in winter." Then he followed with "and the weather keeps people inside during the conference."

As it turned out, I had the opportunity to attend Jfokus 2013. It was a great conference! You can get some feel for what I experienced there in this blog series: