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Poll Result: Java EE 7 Impact Is Increasing

Posted by editor on January 26, 2014 at 6:54 AM PST

The results of the most recently completed poll suggest that Java EE 7 is finding increasing use, impacting more projects and the daily work of more and more developers over time. This is one more indicator that the Java EE 7 release has to be considered a major success: the release occurred less than a year ago, yet the impact is already considerable.

A total of 149 votes were cast in the poll. The exact question and results were:

How much impact has Java EE 7 had on your work thus far?

  • 17% (25 votes) - Significant: I'm working with Java EE 7 on a regular basis
  • 19% (28 votes) - Some: I'm starting to work with Java EE 7 increasingly
  • 2% (3 votes) - Slight: I don't use it myself, but I work with developers who do
  • 17% (26 votes) - None yet, but I expect Java EE 7 will impact some of my work soon
  • 19% (28 votes) - None: all of my Java EE work will remain on earlier versions long into the future
  • 20% (30 votes) - None, because all of my work is completely unrelated to Java EE
  • 6% (9 votes) - Other

In terms of the voting percentages, this was one of the most evenly distributed polls we've had lately. Of course, this is not a scientific poll, and a voluntary sampling of the views of 149 developers can't be assumed to represent millions of Java/JVM developers worldwide. Still, it's an interesting vote distribution: no option received more than a fifth of the votes.

Grouping the first three options yields 38% of the voters either working with Java EE 7 (at least to some extent) or working with other developers who are using Java EE 7. Another 17% expect Java EE 7 to impact their work soon. So, it could be that by the time the first anniversary of the Java EE 7 release rolls around this June, a majority of Java/JVM developers will have engaged with Java EE 7 to at least some extent.

About a fifth of the voters expect their work to remain on earlier versions of Java EE, while another fifth do work that's completely unrelated to Java EE.

In the context of this poll, it's interesting to look back at a poll from last June that asked How long will it be before Java EE 7 is the most widely used Java EE version? In that poll, a sizable plurality of voters (32%) thought it would be 2 or 3 years before Java EE 7 became the most widely used version, while 18% thought Java EE 7 would accomplish that in about a year. One of those forecasts is probably correct, the way things are looking so far with respect to Java EE 7 adoption.

New poll: Do you program using an IDE? a text editor?

Our current poll is the first in a series of polls on Java tools. The poll asks you to respond to: I do most of my coding using:. Voting will be open until Friday, February 7.

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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