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Poll Result: Among Continuous Integration Servers, Jenkins Is Preferred

Posted by editor on March 9, 2014 at 4:04 AM PDT

In the most recently completed poll, the community selected Jenkins as its preferred Continuous Integration (CI) server. This was the third in a series of polls related to Java tools. A total of 260 votes were cast in the poll.

The exact question and results were:

Which Continuous Integration (CI) server do you prefer?

  • 7% (17 votes) - Bamboo
  • 1% (2 votes) - Continuum
  • 2% (6 votes) - CruiseControl
  • 8% (20 votes) - Hudson
  • 50% (130 votes) - Jenkins
  • 0% (0 votes) - Pulse
  • 7% (19 votes) - TeamCity
  • 1% (3 votes) - Another CI server
  • 24% (63 votes) - I don't use a CI server
headius commented: "No mention of TravisCI?" There are likely some others I missed as well...

The usual caveat applies: this is not a scientific poll. Still, my guess is that the result probably is fairly representative of what's actually happening among development teams. There are many CI servers, but Jenkins seems to receive the most attention and commentary among the sources I follow in selecting interesting material for the home page.

If we remove the 24% of voters who said they don't use a CI server, then the result is even more impressive for Jenkins: among the voters who use CI servers, 66% selected Jenkins.

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Our current poll asks What's the future of the view layer in Java EE applications?. Voting will be open until Friday, March 21.

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)

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