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Controlling the Media

Posted by daniel on June 24, 2003 at 6:20 AM PDT

With the recent FCC action it is easier for large media companies to control the news and information you receive over broadcast media. When I was in radio, companies could only own seven am stations, seven fm stations, and seven television stations. In addition there were restrictions to how many they could own in a single market. Now five of the top stations in my home town are owned by the same company. How do I get news and a variety of opinions from people without an editorial filter? Weblogs.

Weblogs also give the authors a chance to tell their side of a story. In today's featured weblog, James Gosling clarifies and corrects a recent ComputerWire article that, he felt, misrepresented what he had said. In "Life with the Press", Gosling puts one quote about Microsoft in context and corrects a mischaracterization of his feelings of brand awareness.

Other featured Weblogs include Steve Mallett's post "Red Hat Plans Open Source Java?" Steve also invites your comments on this topic. Eric Burke's oreillynet blog looked at the use of the keyword "this" before object field references. He takes you through his re-examination of this practice in his blog "I Don't like 'this' Any More."

In Also Today, we feature a page from the Javapedia that discusses a simple way to improve your code. Contribute to the discussion in "The Beauty of Small Methods." We also highlight the JOGL project. Look at the uploaded documents and source for the project that hosts the reference implementation of the Java bindings for OpenGL in "From the project pages:jogl."

Steve Mallett, the Java Today news editor has gathered the following Java Today News Headlines: "Barbecue 1.05 Released", "J2SE Public Beta Testing Call", "Supreme Court Upholds Library Web Filters", "Jobs unveils new Power Macs & Panther", "Joost STX processor Ver. 20030623 Released" and "Red Hat Plans Open Source Java".