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Innovation happens elsewhere

Posted by daniel on June 11, 2003 at 7:30 AM PDT

The most frequently cited quote at this year's JavaOne Conference is Bill Joy's statement that "Innovation happens elsewhere." The idea is a simple one. At the alumni fireside chat, Rob Gingell characterised it as meaning whatever you are doing, and no matter how many smart people are on your team,
there are always more smarter people elsewhere.

For us at Java Today it is a reminder that there are high quality articles on other sites that we should feature. We have our own weekly features. These articles are the ones with icons that appear right below this entry on our front page. But in the "Also Today" section we will sometimes feature blogs, wiki pages, community project, or content that happened elsewhere.

This week, these daily blogs are intended to introduce you to the site. The highlighted blogs have been refreshed to your right and you can always see the latest blogs at . In Also Today we are highlighting three articles from other sites. When you click on the "Read more" you will be taken to their site to read the linked article. If there are sites that you visit regularly that you'd like me to keep an eye on for content, drop me an email.

Daniel H Steinberg, Editor-in-Chief