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Putting the "C" in the JCP

Posted by daniel on June 20, 2003 at 6:44 AM PDT

Frank Sommers hosted a panel on the Java Community Process (JCP) last week at Java One. Jason Hunter said that the specification lead for a JSR is a benevolent dictator with no incentive to be benevolent. Panelist Doug Lea has led many JSRs in an open and inclusive way. Lea pointed to JSR 215 on the Java Community Process version 2.6. This update would help make the JCP more open to the public. In many ways it would help put the community back in the JCP. You can't download a draft of the current state of this spec from the JCP website, but Lea would like to see that changed.

One proposed change to the JCP is that how a JSR is progressing should be more public. Realizing that spec leads can't be depended on to do the right thing, one proposal is that "JSRs should be more transparent to the community, and it should be easier to tell when a JSR is working and when it is dormant. This JSR will consider requiring Spec Leads to provide a status report to the PMO on a regular basis, which would be posted to the web site for community member viewing. "

Often interested parties who are not on the expert group do not have a chance to see or comment on a JSR until it is too late. The proposed changes to the JCP include adding an observer status and making a draft public earlier in the process. The proposal notes that there "is value to the Spec Leads to have two classes of Expert Group members - active members and observers. This JSR will consider ways to enable observer memberships to Expert Groups." It also says that "In order to promote more feedback at the review periods, this JSR will consider changing Community Review to Early Draft Review and making it open to the public. Also, this JSR will consider removing the Community Review Ballot and replacing it with a ballot after the second public review, called Public Review Ballot."

For now you need to keep a close watch on JSRs as they go by. In Also Today, we highlight the JavaServer Faces JSR in "JSR Watch -- JavaServer Faces." The public review is only open for another couple of weeks. Also Elliotte Rusty Harold talks to Bill Venners about "The Good, the bad, and the DOM" in an interview.

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