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Community Meetings

Posted by daniel on July 16, 2003 at 8:46 AM PDT

Today we feature Danese Cooper's notes from the first community meeting. The notes are presented as notes and not cleaned up for publication. At the first community meeting, I talked about the dynamic nature of the content on Java Today saying something like "I'm the editor-in-chief of and I don't know what's on our site today." Perhaps that's why I haven't been invited to the second community meeting scheduled for August 6 from 7-9pm at the Argent Hotel in San Francisco during the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

That isn't to say that the editorial team doesn't work at developing content, but that items appear on the site without having to pass by us in any way. We try to point to these gems in our Also Today section. Today you'll find
one example of an unanticipated piece: a set of wiki pages on rethinking the Java Community Process. This includes a lively discussion on what the role should be of the spec lead on a JSR. The second daily feature points to a Java tech tip on The Preferences API . I think it might be a useful example of how to store and recall user-specific preferences but I can't really be impartial on this one.

In today's featured Weblogs James Gosling remembers advice about balance and breathing in href=""> "My Grandmother, the Zen Master"
. The entry is a reminder that many of our lessons on engineering and coding come from settings far removed. Our views on software project management may have their roots in a summer job experience at a fast food restaurant. In this case, Gosling applies lessons learned from his grandmother's conversations with him about skiing "to engineering and life in general." Lance Young's first post is about his change in perspective about the Java Community. In
"Fire by the Fireside"
, he talks about how he moved from asking "What is Sun doing to fix ..." to deciding to make the fixes himself. His overeager appropriation of JFK's quote echos the goals of using words that we may have been reluctant to choose: "Ask not what Sun can do for you, but what you can do for the Java Community."

Steve Mallett, the Java Today news editor has gathered the following
Java Today News Headlines : href=""> " Announces Launch of the Mozilla Foundation", "Sun's Orion beta chock full of code", "Jakarta Tapestry 3.0-beta-2 Released", "Jakarta Tomcat 5.0.4 Alpha released, "Jakarta Cactus 1.5-beta1 Released", and "BlueJ 1.3.0 beta 3 available".

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