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Moving to beta 0.2

Posted by daniel on July 7, 2003 at 6:15 AM PDT

It's still early days for We went live a little under a month ago and still have a long way to go. We're still tagging this release as beta 0.1. We're working on content and infrastructure and would appreciate your feedback. The O'Reilly team will be meeting in Portland this week at OSCon , if you have feedback on how we can improve this site either drop me an email today or tomorrow at or use the talkback below.

The list of items were working on includes: expanding the list of bloggers, beefing up the number of articles we feature each week, and featuring more of the projects and communities in Infrastructure items include enhancing the blogging mechanism, revisiting the design of the site, and perhaps providing direct links to content from this daily blog. What's important to you?

In today's featured Weblogs Malcolm Davis wonders if our software could benefit from having an Inspector General. In the military the Inspector General is an independent external auditor. The real benefit is that those in command know that they will have to answer to this auditor and so they are very familiar with the projects they supervise. Davis points out how this might work in a development environment. Simon Phipps continues our weblogger tradition of covering interesting conferences. While many of the O'Reilly folks head to the Pacific northwest for OSCon, Simon is heading to Washington, DC for Supernova 2003. Phipps' weblog entry is a nice pre-conference summary and collection of links that begins with "whether always-on-ness is helpful or harmful".

In Also Today, we're running Rob Smith's piece "Generics in Java". Before the 1998 JavaOne conference I participated in a JavaWorld magazine interview with James Gosling. He spoke then about the push to get "type polymorphism" into the language. With next year's J2SE 1.5 release, Generics will finally be part of the Java programming language. Smith gives examples of how using generics will simplify your code. One of the first articles we published was Jonathan Simon's piece on using Python to replace some of the scripting being done in XML. In "A Python JAR File auditor" we point to Doug Tilman's article on recasting a Java utility using Python.

Steve Mallett, the Java Today news editor has gathered the following Java Today News Headlines: "GNOME-Java bindings 0.8", " jPOS 1.4.6 has been released", "U.S. Unsatisfied with MS Licenses", and "Torvalds talks about SCO Suit, Microsoft and his Exit from Transmeta".

Once this page is no longer featured as the front page of Java Today it will be archived at You can access other past issues by changing the address appropriately.