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Technology Poems

Posted by daniel on July 21, 2003 at 11:09 AM PDT

The top weblog introduces a new feature: our Poetry Corner. The first contribution is from Tom Clements. Tom's work as a Java poet was featured several years ago in the JavaOne conference coverage produced by JavaWorld magazine. We've got work by other poets on tap. Feel free to send your own to Poetry Corner as long as they focus on technology and don't contain references to that man from Nantucket.

The following is a bit off topic. In the left navigation bar of the Java Today page is a link to the Java Today Contact Information. Of course, it takes many more people than that to produce this site each day, but that's the core team. For another view of our producer, Sarah Breen, take a look at page 65 in the August, 2003 edition of MacWorld magazine. That's Sarah's picture in the tip titled "Improve your digital-camera photos."

Back to our daily rundown. The other featured item in Weblogs, is Sam Ruby's conversation starter on LGPL, Java, Links, and Executables. Sam puts his finger on the core issue of last week's Slashdot article LGPL is Viral for Java saying

The terms 'link' and 'executable' have clear meanings in languages like 'C'. It would be real nice to have an unambiguous interpretation of how these concepts should map to Java.

In Also Today section we feature scripting and Java. In Scripting the Enterprise, Dejan Bosanac looks at the path that PHP and Java have taken on the way to working more easily with each other. Bosanac looks ahead to when "PHP 5 will define PHP as more seriously object-oriented language and make it closer to the Java world. At the same time at Sun, JSR 223 was proposed [... to provide] a standard way for integrat[ing] scripting web languages in [the] Java platform." If you'd like to get involved in JSR 223, you can read the proposal or apply to be part of the expert group.

Steve Mallett, the Java Today news editor has gathered the following
Java Today News Headlines : href=""> "Apache FOP 0.20.5 released", "Second Final Draft of (JSR) 172, J2ME Web Services Specification", "Java XML View 0.4 Released", "Nonprofit takes hold of blog tool RSS" and "OSCON Java sessions are now available for download".

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