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The Echo project to unify blogging

Posted by daniel on July 2, 2003 at 4:00 AM PDT

Last week in Java Today we featured an "Also Today" item on the Echo project and encouraged you to read and possibly join in the discussion. In today's featured weblog, Simon Phipps comments on the discussion on the Echo wiki. Simon is excited by the implications of an agreement on a common content format. He provides a quick context for the discussion and interesting links to others involved in the story.

Also in today's featured Weblogs Eitan Suez writes a note "For Mac fans: Welcome improvements to Eclipse on Mac OS X." He writes that the M1 release of Eclipse for Mac OS X works much better due to work on the underlying SWT implementation for Mac OS X. I've covered Java on the Mac for seven years now and have only found one IDE I've left on my computer (IDEA from IntelliJ), but Eitan's blog encourages me to try Eclipse again. Bill Day writes about the availability of "Java for Palm OS Devices". Bill reminds geeks to consider the "Mother Test". We think Java has been available for Palm for years because we could download and install it. Bill reminds us that now that Palm and IBM have announced that Palm Tungstens will ship with an integrated J2ME, there's no setup for non-technical folk to run J2ME apps on their Palm Tungstens. Kind of like J2SE shipping with every Mac OS X box and the announcements by Dell and HP at JavaOne that they would begin shipping the latest J2SE release with their boxes.

In Also Today, the Jini community released various video features from JavaOne. The "Jini Community Webcast available" points to a collection of content from the recent conference including an interview with Bob Scheifler who led the Davis project release that integrated security into Jini. James is on of the less visible Apache projects. In "An introduction to Apache's James enterprise e-mail server", Claude Duguay provides and overview and an introduction to the technology.

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