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Posted by daniel on July 28, 2003 at 7:25 AM PDT

Imagine a high school or college student working late the night before a paper is due. The libraries are closed when the student starts to work on the Bibliography. What if the student's word processor could transparently use Amazon as a resource for creating a bibliography. The student types in the title, author, and publication year of the book and a correctly formatted entry is created with the publisher and other information correctly filled in. Tim O'Reilly included this example as he riffed for a while on the idea of Amazon as a service and a platform at MacHack 2002.

What if your JavaDocs could link to dynamic content on, say, a wiki? John Zukowski wrote a recent Tech Tip called Generating Custom Taglets for He provides an example for creating a custom tag that links into the Javapedia . What led me to this article was Erik Hatcher's weblog entry Integrating Erik starts a discussion on using the Javapedia and other community created examples as a store of information. He recognizes the plusses and minuses - join in the discussion.

Today's featured Weblogs also include Mike Loukides' brief response to the article A Group is Its Own Worst Enemy titled Worst Enemies. Jonathan Simon writes about the results of having ubiquitous wireless at conferences. Many of us take that for granted and open up many channels of discussion: chats, blogs, wikis, a common Hydra document. In To chat/blog or not to chat/blog Jonathan also considers the not so common practice of projecting the conversations on the wall.

In the Also Today section, we link the newly created Javapedia DrJava page. Developer Charles Reis points out that this IDE is not just a teaching tool and has some powerful features that experienced developers will appreciate. On the lighter side, we provide a link to a classic "Ask Tog" essay How to Deliver a Report without getting Lynched. The advice is not earth shattering, but it is so well written and the specific examples are clear and entertaining.

Steve Mallett, the Java Today news editor has gathered the following
Java Today News Headlines : "Jakarta Tomcat 5.0.5 Alpha released", " Launched", "Informa Java Library 0.3.0 Released", and "OpenSymphony announces OSWorkflow 2.5".

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