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Posted by daniel on August 21, 2003 at 6:20 AM PDT

Starting today, invites registered users to submit news stories. Our rule for most content on the site is that it doesn't have to be specifically about Java but it should be of interest to Java developers.

So, for example, one of the stories featured today is on a W3C recommendation for OWL, the Web Ontology Language. This is designed to help with the representation and processing of sites as data on the web. Another of today's featured stories is of the release of the latest version of XPlanner, a project management tool for developers. Not all news stories are software release announcements. Yesterday we linked to a story on MSBlast and Monday we featured stories about public meetings on JSR 215.

You can submit news about your own projects or point us to news that you think we should link to. All submissions go through an editorial review before being posted to the site. If you have ideas for further enhancements to the site, please drop me a line at

In today's featured Weblogs N. Alex Rupp argues that "we have a responsibility to ourselves and to one another not only to write software for our economic progress, but also for social and ethical progress." In Total Government Awareness, Software and Ethics, Rupp reports that:

Earlier this summer, Lawrence E. Rosen, the general counsel for the OSI responded to a letter of mine inquiring about the potential for a non-military Open Source license that "Software is not viewed by the open source community as a valid way to address political or moral issues."

Rupp provides an example of a project by the Computing Culture Group at MIT's Media Lab, that he says addresses social and ethical concerns. He says the Open Government Information Awareness project

is an effort to turn the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) inspired "Total Information Awareness" project on its heels and point it back at the US government. In this information-inspired age the idea of a "Civilian Information Agency" which conducts espionage on its own government is a chapter right out a Niel Stephenson novel.

In the Also Today section, we begin with a discussion of how big is too big. Is it easier to understand a single long method or a method made up of many smaller private methods. Join the discussion in the Javapedia page BeautyOfSmallMethods. The Java class loader is kind of like electricity. You depend on it but probably don't think too much about it until something goes wrong. In his Java tech tip Unloading and Reloading Classes, John Zukowski shows you how to write a custom class loader that allows you to discard an old class and load a newly compiled version. Like many tips, I really could have used this a year ago.

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