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Teaching and doing

Posted by daniel on August 13, 2003 at 5:33 AM PDT

As a recovering academic, I think a lot about bridging the gulf between practitioners and teachers. If industry wants more students to be better prepared then we have to devote some time supporting those that teach our future colleagues. How should the teachers reach across the divide?

At his lunch time address to educators, Joshua Kerievsky asked the group what they thought were important traits in those trying to teach computer programming. In this case, Joshua was specifically talking about teaching eXtreme Programming (XP) but the point could be generalized. He argued that the most important asset for a teacher is experience. In his case, Kent Beck had asked him to teach XP but Joshua didn't feel ready. He didn't have enough real world experience. So Joshua worked on some XP projects and gained enough experience that he felt comfortable developing training materials.

Joshua is supportive of universities and faculty members. I've read his posts over the years in support of what can be wonderful academic experiences. But, he advises the group, if part of your job is to train young programmers, you should make sure you have adequate experience programming. Thoughts?

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In the Also Today section, you will find a link to an article on introducing logging to an IM application using log4j and Jabber. In Instant logging the authors advocate shipping your logging code as part of the production code so that you can better run down problems after deployment. The Javapedia keeps growing. You can contribute to the definition or the discussion of the Gang of Four Proxy Pattern or create a link and a new page on a related topic.

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