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Testing Threads

Posted by daniel on August 6, 2003 at 5:53 AM PDT

Threads can bite you in so many ways. N. Alex Rupp's article Multithreaded Tests with JUnit looks at extending JUnit so that it can test multithreaded applications. One application of this extension is to enable you to stress test middleware components by simulating concurrent traffic.

The featured Weblogs include Michael Nascimento Santos' invitation for you to participate in JSR-220. In EJB 3.0 is not ready yet! This is your chance!, Santos presents his thoughts on the proposed spec and encourages you to provide the feedback that spec lead Linda DeMichiel has requested. In Docs>>Forms>>Apps, Philip Brittan comments on the release of the XForms 1.0 spec. He notes at the end that Microsoft and Adobe are releasing their own technologies for processing forms. The future remains far from clear. Hans Muller's Selling Snakes with Huckster is a combination of a vacation snapshot and his experience using James Gosling's presentation software Huckster The huckster project is available on

In the Also Today section, Brett McLaughlin continues his series on JSP Best Practices. In this developerWorks article, Brett extends his earlier example on time stamping a JSP page by introducing custom tags. The Javapedia page on Aspect Oriented Programming includes a description of Aspects, and indication of where you might want to use them, and links to various implementations.

From the Java Today News Page, news editor Steve Mallett, has gathered the following News Headlines .

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