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Posted by daniel on September 8, 2003 at 4:47 AM PDT

Bruno Souza has agreed to manage the JUG (Java User Groups) community. In his weblog entry The Strength of Java Users Groups, he asks "What part should JUGs play in the Java world?"

Bruno notes that when he goes to Free Software events, he sees

both the technical, project related debate, but also the political, ethics, government, organizational, educational and social discussions. Are we, in the JUGs, doing the same? Are we discussing the many other aspects of our technology? If we believe that "Java is Everywhere", and that it will affect our lives (and not only as technologists), I think we should be more active in discussing how will this happen.

Souza appreciates the current role of JUGs as "the place were users, not companies, go to learn and discuss, and share experiences. Where people go to eat pizza, drink beer and talk about their use of Java, their success and frustrations." But, he wonders whether there is more we can and should be doing. He opens up the discussion by asking if JUGs should "be more active in discussing and participating in Java's future? Or just focus in evangelism of the technology?"

In other featured Weblogs today, Meeraj Kunnumpurath asks and answers the question Generate or Handcraft? He notes that "One of the main disadvantages in handcrafting details is that details change frequently forcing you to make changes to your programs to capture the changes. The more changes you make manually, the more bugs you introduce in the system." He then offers deployment descriptors as an example of meta-programming in Java. "With deployment descriptors you externalize a huge amount of meta information from the code and you delegate the tasks of interpreting the meta information to the containers." Felipe Leme starts a conversation about Running ant in loop mode. Embracing the open source way, Leme has created a solution that he shares on his site and opened a bug. Join in the discussion of his proposed solution.

In the Also today section we link to a JDJ article on creating a self-healing and intelligent network using MBeans and Jini. Frank Jennings article Accessing MBeans Through the Jini Service concludes that "MBean provides a powerful interface for managing services. Jini extends the functionality of MBeans by letting the client discover the JMX agent in a network on the fly. And since the agent is pulled into the Jini federation by the Jini connector service, other advantages like agent failure notification, event mailbox, and dynamic service reconfiguration are possible for attaining a true catastrophe free, self-healing, manageable, and intelligent network."

We also remind you to set aside the hour on September 9 from 11 til noon PDT (6-7 pm GMT) for the Java Live chat on What's New in Java Card Technology. The live chat features Java Card Product Manager Florian Tournier and Senior staff engineer Tanjore Ravishankar.

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