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The Geronimo project

Posted by daniel on September 5, 2003 at 6:00 AM PDT

In his blog entry, Alex Rupp announces today's release of Apache Geronimo's 'State of the Project'. Geronimo is an endeavor to create a J2EE compatible container. It is still early days for the project and it lives as part of the Apache incubator project. You can see where the project is headed by taking a look at the Geronimo site alpha version.

Rupp has "noticed some of the UI guys are organizing efforts to build the different JMX consoles the project needs. I know for certain there's Twiddle and my web console. Someone mentioned building a Swing GUI (Thick client, but hey--I like a little friendly competition)."

We'll link to the announcement later in an update to this blog and invite your comments in the talkback.

In other featured Weblogs today, Bill Day does his best Don Pardo impression in Live from Seattle, it's Sun Tech Days! (the exclamation point is his). Bill invites you to join in today and provides a link to the scheduled presentations. Philip Brittan speculates "on a strategy for Microsoft to co-opt Linux" in his entry .NET on Linux, part 2 "It's the API, stupid". Brittan worries

that Microsoft is maneuvering into a position to turn the tables on Java and provide what Java set out to provide in the first place: an abstraction layer that will allow developers to write to build high usability apps for many platforms at once. And it has a much stronger starting foundation: firm control of the most prevalent desktop platform, a reputation for getting things "pixel-perfect", and the world