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Posted by daniel on November 21, 2003 at 7:57 AM PST

It doesn't seem as if more than a month has passed since we first told you the JavaOne submissions deadline was November 21. But that day has come and many of us will be flooding the server with submissions and requests for team passwords and logins we have forgotten.

Kimmy the wonderwife doesn't even shake her head any more. She wakes up and finds me already at the computer working on a session proposal. "Oh," she says with mock surprise, "is today the deadline?" It's not even that I could not decide what I wanted to propose for this year. I've known for months. I just didn't get around to submitting it because ... well, because it wasn't the last minute yet.

So, I have to cut this daily look at the homepage short today so that I can crank out my BOF and session proposals. In case you are in the same position, here's your link to the JavaOne Conference page.

In addition to the JavaOne link in Projects and Communities , we link to the Java XML and Web Services JAXB wiki page. Many of the communities have their own wiki and their pages complement the Javapedia

If you are looking for a little Friday diversion, take the Killer vs. Coder quiz featured in Also in Java Today . You judge whether each of the ten images is that of a serial killer or the inventor of a programming language.

If this isn't playful enough for you, download the new version of alphaWorks' Agent Building and Leasing Environment. The AbleAgents are built from core Javabeans and then "Developers can implement their own AbleBeans and AbleAgents and plug them into ABLE's Agent Editor. Graphical and text inspectors are provided in the Agent Editor so that bean input, properties, and output can be viewed as machine learning progresses or as values change in response to methods invoked in the interactive development environment."

Bill Wake leads off today's featured Weblogs with his report back from OOPSLA 03. He calls out the "Domain-Driven Design" theme and points to Eric Evans' book on the topic. Bill Day has posted slides from recent Sun Tech Days in Roll On Tech Conferences, Roll On. Bill also repeats his offer that if you come up to him "at a Tech Days and mention that you read this on, I promise I'll snag you a really cool shirt!"

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