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Summit Report

Posted by daniel on November 3, 2003 at 9:21 AM PST

Another year has come and gone and I still haven't been to the Colorado Software Summit. Last week's show conflicted with OOPSLA, The O'Reilly Mac OS X Con, and even Microsoft's PDC.

In today's featured Weblogs , Bill Dudney reports back from Colorado in his blog entry
Software Summit - What a Blast
. In true blogging style, Bill's entry is filled with links to people and topics that he saw represented at the summit. If you attended, add to his report in the comments section. Our second featured blog entry today comes from Philip Brittan in his attempt to clear up the Confusion between grid and utility computing . His entry is a link to a piece he wrote for titled The new IT confusion.

In Also in Java Today , you can take the alphaWorks Heap Roots application out for a spin. Use Heap Roots to chase down your memory leaks by analyzing the "heap dumps" for information such as the objects reachable by and kept alive by a particular object. Analyze the paths between two objects as well as the gaps between objects in heap address space and inward and outward references for a particular object.

A recent post from JavaWorld magazine is a tip on how you can Utilize the Database Schema Browser. The db schema browser is included as a download in the resource section of the article an is a servlet that " provides users with customizable options to retrieve a listing of all tables in a schema, tables matching a certain criteria (e.g., only tables that start with TBL), and all tables of a specific schema. You can also get a listing of all views."

In Projects and Communities , the Java User Groups community's Sou Java project features the e-Gen sub-project. E-Gen is an open-source RAD tool with an off-site developer page that explains that e-Gen "enables a highly productive development of transactional Web applications, entirely written in Java and based on Jakarta Struts framework." Meanwhile, the Netbeans latest issue of Sprout includes a link to XTT (XML Tunneling Technology).

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