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The Importance of Individuals

Posted by daniel on November 19, 2003 at 10:54 AM PST

The JCP now has approximately the same number of individual members as corporate members (commercial entities and educational/non-profit organizations). How will the increasing number of individual members effect the nature of this organization?

In Also in Java Today , we link to the results of the latest JCP election. Interestingly enough, there were two slots filled by individuals and two by corporations. Doug Lea was re-elected to the Standard/Enterprise Edition Executive Committee. Our newest blogger, Richard Monson-Haefel, was elected to serve a two-year term on the same committee. The top vote getters in the Micro Edition Executive Committee were Ericsson Mobile Platforms and Intel.

What effect do you think the increase of individuals as members and on the Executive Committee will have on the JCP?

Also featured today is a collection of blogs by John Mitchell. John points to two gems by Terrence Parr. I'm providing both direct links to the articles and links through John's blogs so that you can participate in the feedback on his pages. The first link is to a two year old article on "Why Humans should NOT have to Grok XML" (link to John's blog or direct link to article) The second link is to a recent piece by Parr on "Model-View Separation in Template Engines" ( link to John's blog or pdf download). The third is a link to Greg Wilkens critique "The Java Servlet Specification v2.4:The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" ( link to John's blog or direct link to article. The article is as thorough a treatment of the new spec as you could ever hope to find.

In today's featured Weblogs , another favorite blogger returns after a long absence to continue her discussion of usability. Amy Fowler writes about Itty Bitty Things, in particular, "examples of usability features that help reduce what I call the "fuss-factor" in software, which is that intangible time spent around the edges of tasks, quietly accumulating, hard to measure, but adding up in the long run." Her group is current looking at tools that make it easier for you to "build usable (less-fussy) client applications". Her parting example, the Alt-tab for navigating active windows on a Windows box resonated with me. Now that I have the Mac version (command-tab) available in Panther coupled with Expose, my writing and development environment seem so much more accessible. I think she's right - it's the little things (sorry Amy, I couldn't bring myself to use the phrase "itty bitty").

Richard Monson-Haefel's most recent report from ApacheCon talks about the merging of the "the old men of the sea" from ObjectWeb with the "young upstarts" from the Geronimo team in The Rebel Alliance: Apache/ObjectWeb Join Forces. The "JOnAS and JOTM development teams are also working toward J2EE Certification so they are creating a lot of the same components (EJB container, Transaction Monitor, Messaging, etc.) that the Geronimo folks are working on. The ObjectWeb engineers suggested that we collaborate on facilities common to both projects." From the JXTA project, James Todd invites you to "climb aboard" now that JXTA 2.2-b(aka 03Q4) has entered beta.

In Projects and Communities , the Java Communications community home page features a Java API for the "'go-to' telescope [which] permits the user to view the moon, the planets, nebulas, galaxies, star clusters, and other celestial objects by simply pressing a few buttons. The telescope project provides an interface that allows "Java applications to instruct the telescope to slew or 'go to' specified coordinates, to query the telescope's current position, and obtain other information such as slewing status, the GPS date and time, and the user's geographic coordinate."

The Java Tools community congratulates BEA for winning the Development Tools category of PC Magazine's Technical Excellence award. The winning applications was their Weblogic Workshop 8.1. This is also the project where the Apache incubator project XMLBeans began.

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