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Are Open Source tools worth the price?

Posted by daniel on December 2, 2003 at 9:25 AM PST

No, this isn't FUD from someone trying to scare you away from using any open source project. The roots are in a blog entry that asks how you decide when an open source tool is worth the price.

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John Reynolds details his Adventures with JMeter - Are Open Source tools worth the price? To answer the question, he looks at four items that cost him time and effort. First, there was the time spent on a documented function where the known defect wasn't mentioned in the appropriate place in the docs. The good news is that there is a patch for the bug. The bad news (his issue number 2) is that the distributed version includes the bug and not the patch. The patch was submitted eight months ago but has not been applied to either the current release build or to the nightly build. He points out that these issues are not particular to open source. John adds

Item number 3 is a key decision point for me. With Open Source, once a fix is known you can find it, and with some effort you can fix the tool to the point where it is useful for you. This is not the case with Closed Source products.

Item number 4 is also