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Year end notes

Posted by daniel on December 31, 2003 at 6:46 AM PST

As you can see from the submitted pictures, Duke is enjoying quite a vacation.

Readers have snapped pictures or created their own images of Duke's vacation photos for winter 2003. Duke has had a whirlwind vacation that included skiing, swimming, mountain climbing, visiting movie stars, and just hanging out. Thanks to the creative submitters.

It's been a great half-year for us at We've enjoyed launching the site and have a lot of site improvements and new features in our queue. Coming up next, we're going to add an opt in newsletter so that folks who prefer email to newsreaders can check on the site. We're also adding a weekly blog feed and newsletter for those who don't want to check back quite so often. Perhaps we'll always think of ourselves as being a beta release but we are always happy to hear about items you'd like us to consider. Feel free to use the talkback below.

Although we release these new features as they are ready, we take time about once a quarter to declare a new "release" and summarize what's new on the site. Sarah Breen, our site producer, shapes and adds these new features. I can't imagine what this site would be like without her help, guidance, taste, and implementation. If we gave MVP (most valuable player) awards here at, she would have a stack of trophies. Thank you Sarah for everything.

That isn't to diminish my appreciation for other team members. Helen Chen of CollabNet has taught all of us much about building communities and encouraging collaboration. It seems that there is no time (early morning, late nights, and weekends) that I send an email question to her that isn't answered within minutes. She is a voice of reason for the site and provides me with information about activity on the community side. She is a wonderful resource for those of you with projects on

There are five key players who are mainly invisible to you and who work non-stop to help make this site what it is. Judy Gallegos works with the communities helping the community leaders and project leaders. Chris Adamson is our Associate Editor. He edits many of the articles that you read in the features section and helps shape the editorial direction of the site. Miky Vacik produces the images that appear with the stories and helped shape the visual look of this site within the constraints we were given. Steve Mallet scours the web for news that we bring you each day and JBob is our community manager.

The hardest working person on the site is Christian Cheline. He has to keep his head on where we are now while working on where we'll be in 3, 6, and 9 months. I just manage the content, he has to manage the entire site and project. Because of all the behind the scenes work he does, I'm free to do the fun stuff.

This is a widely distributed team that has never met in one place. People work from home or from offices in Sebastopol, Santa Clara, Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston, and Miami. Our community leaders are even more widely distributed and the conference calls bring folks together from thousands of miles away.

Thank you to the bloggers and authors who have contributed to this site these past six months. Thank you to the readers who have contributed comments or have sent me links to interesting stories to feature. Thank you to the developers who have started or joined projects or who have just stopped by the many projects to see what's happening.

I would tell you that Bruce Stewart, Nancy Abila, and Dale Dougherty are the best bosses I've ever worked for, but that would be sucking up. There are, of course, people I've failed to mention. Sorry.

We're going to take a couple days away. We'll be back Monday, January 5, 2004. Happy New Year.

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