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Help Wanted

Posted by daniel on January 26, 2004 at 6:26 AM PST

In the left column of the front page, under the community heading you will see a new item: Project Help Wanted Ads.

The Help Wanted section is a place where developers can find interesting projects to work on and for projects to announce requests for someone to fill a particular need. The main restriction is that "Listings are restricted to volunteer openings for non-commercial projects. Commercial projects and paid positions can not be listed on this site." We also decided to use the concept of a Jini lease - a project listing is open for two weeks or until the project owner closes the listing. The owner can re-open an expired listing to extend it beyond the two weeks. This was so that developers can have confidence that the listings are still relevant.

Also in Java Today
Russ Miles blogs on the O'Reilly network about aTrack - Aspect Orientation from the ground up in a real-world enterprise application. What he likes most about the project " is that it offers an example of AspectJ integration with these technologies as well as an example of a ground-up design solution, and the real gems are to be found in the code..." The aTrack project is hosted here on and, as Russ explains, has a strong Aspect Oriented foundation. He writes that aTrack "offers a place to learn about AO in a real world application. aTrack is an ideal example for those new to AO and AspectJ who have questions like 'so what can I do with this thing?".

From the "who can you trust" department, John Mitchell's blog on a Security Analysis of SERVE points to the report "A Security Analysis of the Secure ElectronicRegistration and Voting Experiment (SERVE)". John writes that "What their report boils down to is that SERVE is catastrophically flawed." He continues that "since the inescapable conclusion doesn't fit with the desired outcome of people like the Pentagon, there's a lot of spin being spouted trying to drown the report in FUD."

In today's Weblogs , Jayson Falkner points you to the source code for and in Are you aware that the source-code for isn't available? So the source code is available and he's adding some free on-line guides.

John Reynolds writes that "PD4J makes it easier to transform business logic into working applications." In PD4J - Is Process Driven Design the next big thing? He predicts that PD4J's "immediate impact will be on the development of Web Services, but I predict that a wider secondary impact will occur. Once Java developers become exposed to Process Driven Design, I think they are going to like it, and I think the paradigm will be applied to many problem domains."

Bill Day has been looking at some Developments in Nokia-land . There are reports that Perl or Python will be brought to some Symbian based devices and support for EDGE and an increase in onboard memory available for J2ME to 12MB. In the talkback Bill also points to docs from Nokia that detail some of the known issues in problems brought up by another post.

In Projects and Communities The Linux Community wiki features a page with Java On Linux Installation And Configuration Tips. James Liu seeded the page with tips on installing the JDK, Plug-In, and Tomcat.

Ted Schadler's Ten tips for killer web services provides technical advice and advises that you should give away some free web services and research carefully before building billable services.

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