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The Linux community

Posted by daniel on January 22, 2004 at 7:34 AM PST

Today we've expanded our family with our new Linux community.

The Linux Community launches with leadership provided by Chris DiBona and Art Gould. Chris outlines some goals and guiding ideas in his Welcome to . Chris writes that he feels "that Java on Linux is one of these places that needs a healthy shove. Thus, I decided to give it a shot and see what could be done about achieving parity for Linux with regards to Java. The reason I want this is that I want Linux to be the platform of choice for developers everywhere. Java is a vital and important part of making this happen. "

First steps include providing a "place to find out how to currently accommodate the pitfalls and tricks of developing Java applications on the Linux platform." He invites you to join the community and let us know about relevant projects to feature, whether or not they are hosted on

Also in today's Weblogs , Richard Monson-Haefel compares the life of a programmer to that of an artist. In Open Source Developer: Will Work for Food!, Richard compares the divide between open source developers and commercial developers to "a starving fine artist and a fat and happy commercial artist. " Richard ends by saying "While commercial software developers do a great job of feeding their families, open source developers do a better job of feeding their minds. In the end, you have to ask yourself which is more important: The things you own or freedoms you have."

John Mitchell has stumped me with his post Do you floss every day? He writes that " The rationale for testing and high test-coverage rates is exactly the same as for brushing your teeth and flossing everyday. "

Also in Java Today
we feature the blog that John Mitchell is responding to in his flossing entry. Simon Brown builds on recent posts on mocks and asks, "In a web application, how do you unit test an MVC action?" In his blog entry Testing MVC actions, mock objects and code coverage , he shows how he creates his own mocks rather than use an existing framework such as MockObjects. He ends by considering the extra effort it takes to achieve total test coverage and asks "when do you know when to stop. I guess that at the end of the day, it's all about confidence and what works for you."

The latest Core Java Tech tips discuss Encryption using Asymmetric and Symmetric Keys . In the first tip you get a look at how the RSA algorithm works and how to generate the public and private key pairs using the package. In the second tip you encrypt and decrypt a message using a symmetric key - in this case DES.

In Projects and Communities This week's spotlight is the new Linux Community at Chris DiBona, fresh off hosting the GoldenPenguin Bowl, has joined up as Community Editor. Linux developer?Interested in java? Interested in java on Linux?

In the State of Web Services 2004? Will Iverson asks "What's going on with web services nowadays? Where do you think it's going?" Add your answer in the talkback section.

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