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SourceCast Upgrade

Posted by daniel on February 20, 2004 at 3:19 AM PST

This weekend is upgrading the project area to SourceCast version 2.6.

In today's Projects and Communities we highlight those changes. You can read the SourceCast 2.6 Release Notes for full details. The main features included an improved search utility that can search for any artifacts except those in version control. Issuezilla has been renamed to Issue Tracker and more functionality has been built into the new project tracker. Discussion forums have gone through changes that make them a bit more user friendly. You will find a slew of other features on the linked page.

The new installation will begin on Friday. There will be notices across the site during the changeover to let you know that projects will not be available at that time.

Also in Projects and Communities, you can download Gilad Bracha's New Generics Tutorial from the link on the Java Desktop community's homepage. The pdf is just under 64 KB.

Also in Java Today
Randy Miller's preface to The Invisible Software Process introduces what he sees as the next step in Agile methodology. What he calls Holonic Software Development comes from Arthur Koestler's marrying of holos and on (the whole and the part) into a word that was supposed to capture the phenomenon "that elements of living organisms and social organizations behave independently while forming part of a larger whole. As a result, they make highly efficient use of resources, are highly resilient to disturbances, and are adaptable to changes in their environment."

Newsweek's Steven Levy has a brief Q&A with Bill Joy . Levy asks eight disconnected questions and Joy provides brief answers. Joy says that Jini and JXTA suffered from lack of support and that both technologies "solved the problem before people recognized they had it, but even now that people have it, they're not solving it." As for his future, now that he's approaching 50 he says "I'm aware that I'm probably not going to want to do that many more things, so I'm keeping my powder a little more dry this time."

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