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Tiger goes beta

Posted by daniel on February 5, 2004 at 7:25 AM PST

The beta release of J2SE 1.5 is now available.

In today's Weblogs , James Gosling announces The Tiger is out! Of all the new features, Gosling says that for him, " the big one is Generics: the ability to parameterize a type. This is vaguely like templates in C++, but much cleaner and more straightforward. It dramatically improves working with things like container classes, and it has a lovely backwards compatibility story. Go grab a copy. Take it out for a spin. Let us know what you think."

An unofficial place to share your thoughts has started in the talkback to John Mitchell entry J2SE v1.5 'Tiger' beta 1 release .

As you look at the new features and start to play with the new toys, Will Iverson looks back at presents from past years that seem to be sitting abandoned on the shelf. In What ever happened to SVG? he asks if people are "still building and investing in it".

Also in Java Today
Jack Shirazi gives a rundown of January's Java Performance Tuning Newsletter. He highlights the ServerSide discussion of pushing NIO support into J2EE. "NIO select support costing 5% to 30% overhead compared to the blocked multi-thread model came as a real surprise to me. Though maybe it shouldn't since a blocked thread mostly only takes up non-CPU resources, while the Select multiplexing model explicitly exchanges those per-thread resources with active socket set management."

Duncan Mills has a short tip on the Oracle Technology Network on How To Color Alternate Lines in JSP Databound Table . His solution is to use the varStatus attribute "to define the name of a local variable in the page which will receive status information about the loop and the current iteration of it. This status object contains useful information about the loop including a property called count." Then you can vary the color based on the parity of count.

In Projects and Communities to find out what's new in the JavaPedia you can either check the changes page or now you can subscribe to the JavaPedia rss feed .

Head to the Java Communications homepage for more information on the upcoming JAIN Technology Day in Munich, February 12, 2004.

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