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JavaOne BoF notifications

Posted by daniel on March 9, 2004 at 5:27 AM PST

The second set of JavaOne notifications went out yesterday - this batch was a yes or no on BoFs.

How were you at predicting which of your submissions would and would not be accepted? The session and BoF proposals that I put the most time into refining and finding co-presenters from other companies were rejected. The proposal that I put the least effort into and was not technical in any way was accepted. It's a good and worthwhile topic, but not the one that I would have bet would have been of interest to the organizers.

As before, if you have a BoF or session accepted for JavaOne that you think would make a good article for, please head to our submissions page.

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Also in Java Today
, Eric Giguere writes that in most MIDP enabled devices, "the Record Management System (RMS), an application programming interface (API) [...] gives MIDP applications local, on-device data persistence". In Databases and MIDP: Understanding the Record Management System he provides and introduction to RMS and then shows you how to use it. You'll find code examples of obtaining a list of record stores, open and closing those that you find, and creating new ones. Within a record store you will see how to read records as well as add, update, or delete them.

As more authors explore the J2SE beta, you can expect more articles such as Kulvir Singh Bhogal's J2SE 1.5: Java's Evolution Continues. Bhogal's introduction includes a sequence of short programs exploring the new language features. He notes that you can set a flag in the beta release to indicate whether or not you want to compile with the new Tiger features and that he appreciates "the ability to specify this flag especially helpful in understanding how the compiler reacts with and without the new 1.5 feature support."

In today's Projects and Communities , the JUGs community has launched a JUGs incubator to help "new JUG Projects prepare for world's challenges".

The Linux community points to a collection of Linux Java Tips that are "very informally maintained by Jeff Harrington."

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