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Jini community principles

Posted by daniel on March 24, 2004 at 7:22 AM PST

Ken Arnold keynotes on five years of the Jini community.

The seventh Jini community meeting began yesterday in Cambridge, MA with Ken Arnold's thoughts on five years of the Jini community. He outlined some basic principles that are worth applying in many situations. The first is that results matter. Implementations may vary but as long as the right thing happens, how it happens doesn't matter. Other principles are that people matter, technology matters, all stakeholders must have influence, and realize that when you have something important you must prepare for a counter attack.

Also in Java Today
, if you are still looking for a non-logging example of Aspects (and more are popping up every day), start with Russ Miles' ONJava article Lazy Loading with Aspects . Lazy loading of objects is a cross-cutting concern that lends itself nicely to AOP.

John Zukowski's latest Java Tech tip is on Customizing JFileChooser . He shows you how to allow the user to select multiple items at a time, to select directories, and to use filters to limit which files can be selected in the chooser.

In today's Weblogs , Davor Cengija writes that "Luxor is a useful tool: it really increases your productivity. Usage is simple: define your user interface in an XML file, add some Java meat around it and you have it running. Everything's nice and clean as long as you have only one human language to support." There are problems, however, if you need to worry about Luxor localization.

In today's Projects and Communities , the Open for Business project has released version 3.0 which has "all functionality required for a retail fulfillment based business to operate, except a General Ledger (coming soon though...)."

The JavaPedia list of open source projects could use some help. The current list is in need of your suggestions and additions. Add links to your favorite open source Java projects to the wiki.

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